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Teaching information and lesson plan

Singing Lessons London

General lesson structure:

Lessons are divided into two parts; the first consisting of piano based exercises and warm ups chosen for your specific vocal problems and the second part will be application to a song. I really do tailor your lessons to your needs and goals so let me know what you want to achieve and let's get working!

Here are some tips:

Stop Singing In Someone Else's Voice

Every voice is different. That's the beautiful part. YOU are wonderfully unique. Unfortunately, students, even advanced ones, come into my studio mimicking, comparing, hiding, trying to be and sound like everyone and everything they are not. Trying to be anything but you is futile. When it stops, progress begins.

Make a Plan

There is true power in making a plan. It doesn't matter if it is trying out for the school choir, performing at an open mic, dusting off your audition book, getting your Equity card or winning a Grammy, set goals for your singing and write them down. Revisit your goals periodically and reassess to maintain momentum.

If You Don't Love It, Don't Sing It

Students often rely on me to suggest and recommend songs for them. Understandable. More often I ask them what types of music they like and encourage them to get digging and bring in songs they really want to sing. You need to be passionate about what you sing and say as a singer. If you don't care about what you're singing, neither will your audience.

Progress, Not Perfection

If I had a pound for every student who got discouraged or frustrated and stopped studying, I'd be extremely wealthy. Wobble and be brave! Be patient. Focus on the long-term. There will be hurdles or different sizes and lessons to learn along the way. Trust that they are part of the process. If you truly put the effort in, you will see results.

Stop Worrying, Excusing, Freaking Out, Controlling

Singing is possibly one of the most vulnerable things you can do. Truly freeing the voice is a complicated but gratifying journey. Fear – in any form – will stunt or worse, destory a singer's progress. Those who excel are willing to explore themselves from the inside out. Avoidance is debilitating. There isn't anything a singer can tell me that I haven't been through myself or heard from other singers. Tell me and let's address it head on and work through it so you can move forward.

Show Up!

This is a biggie. It kills off more potential talent than I'd like to say. Do everything you need to do to show up – for yourself, your lesson, your class, a gig – NO EXCUSES. The more consistent, disciplined and dedicated you are to taking the steps needed to improve your voice, the more success you will have. You get what you put into it. Plain and simple.

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