Davina Lee

Davina's story

Singing Teacher North London

Davina has been involved with music as a instrumentalist and singer for over 15 years. She moved into teaching when she realised that other singers could benefit from her experience as a performer. She has been teaching for a number of years; small groups and one-to-one's.

With a Bachelor of Sciences in Psychology, she is able to give tailored guidance on confidence issues and as a member of the British Voice Association, can refer singers in the right direction should they need medical investigation. She regularly attends master classes and seminars on human voice and continues to further her development with regular classes from top vocal instructors within the music industry; most notably Maestro Seth Riggs, Greg Enriquez, Dean Kaelin, Wendy Parr, Spencer Welch, Dave Stroud (VocalizeU) and John Henny (Vocology in Practice).

Her students range from children to adults, seasoned professionals to beginners and those that want to learn for simple enjoyment or to gain confidence in themselves.

Davina has performed in numerous musical theatre productions as a lead production singer, played Mabel in Fame, Anita in West Side Story, as well as being requested to perform for several Oriental Embassies and their celebrations; National Taiwan Day celebrations and Hong Kong Embassy. She has sung with classical and eclectic choirs as part of the chorus and as a featured soloist; vocals and piano. She continues to be involved in singing projects and was recently in a production of Noel Coward's Hayfever.

Lessons in Tottenham Court Road & Whetstone, London
+44 (0) 7786 221617