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Here's what Davina's students say about her...

When I came to Davina I was quite frustrated with my voice because it seemed limited and wouldn't do want I wanted it to. I had aspiration beyond my ability. However, through her patience in teaching me a workable technique I can not only sing with more ease, but I'm now beginning to meet the goals I had and am setting new ones. You can also feel quite vulnerable in a vocal lesson but Davina is sensitive to that too.
I can't recommend her highly enough!

Juliana Lisk, Singer/Songwriter, Actor.

As a professional function band singer, I was often suffering from voice fatigue due to bad technique, as well as needing to work on my range and tone so as to adapt to different repertoires. With Davina’s coaching I’m now much more in control of how I use my voice. My range has increased, I treat my voice differently and the fatigue has decreased significantly since I’m much more conscious of how to actually approach the performance.
I would highly recommend Davina and the SLS method to anyone wishing to make a big leap in the quality of their singing.

Stirling Austin, Function Singer, Band Leader, Songwriter.
The Stirling Austin Swing Band

Davina reminded me how to use my voice from the very first lesson. I sing with more freedom and ease than ever which makes me feel more confident in my voice and leaves me free to focus on my performance. Davina is welcoming and friendly during lessons helping to inspire you to want to get better. Working on your voice can be an uphill struggle sometimes, but she helps you to stay positive and focused on the next task. I have found her advice invaluable on everything from audition preparation to helping me when I feel my voice isn't at 100%.

Carl Man, Singer/Songwriter, Actor.

Before having lessons with Davina my vocal stamina was poor, I was prone to sore throats and often lost my voice. This was very restricting as I felt I was always having to hold back vocally for fear of damaging my voice long term. Having had lessons with Davina for several months now I rarely lose my voice and feel more free to sing my little heart out without fear that I won’t be fit for the next performance, she has given me much more confidence in my vocal ability, my range is improving and I feel like my voice is getting stronger and stronger after every class. Thanks D!

Sian Cross, Singer/Songwriter

Davina is all I could wish for in a teacher. She is fun to work with, and is also serious, passionate and well-informed about what she does. She has given me confidence in my singing and is gradually strengthening my voice, whilst at the same time enabling me to care for it in order to prevent damage.

Stephen Thompson, Teacher and Music Enthusiast

Davina puts you at ease from the minute you walk through the door. She selects exercises specific to your voice - always explaining the purpose and benefits. She's not just a fantastic vocal coach, she's a great teacher who inspires confidence and even manages to make you smile through the difficult bits. I've been having classes with a girl who I'm in a band with and we're already seeing improvements with the material that we've brought to the lesson. I wouldn't want to work with any other singing coach.

Phil Byrne, Lead Singer, Zwah

Each and every lesson is exceptional and I always come away with something out of them.

Rowena Solomon, Gigging Singer and Band Leader

I started to work with Davina only 4 weeks ago, but her lessons have already become one of the highlights of my week and something to look forward to. I can already see a difference in my voice. She has been great in supporting me with understanding my voice and guiding me through exercises that help me work on any issues.
Davina puts a lot of time and effort into working on the song material I bring to the lesson too and has helped me a lot with a song I have great difficulties with. She is very patient and even when it is not going so well, she is still encouraging and makes you smile as you suffer through the high notes. Recording each session and sending it through afterwards has helped me to listen back and support my further practice during the week. Davina is truly a great singing tutor and I can highly recommend working with her.

Conny Bent, Backing Singer
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