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Deciding which singing teacher to choose is very personal; not every teacher will suit you as a student. I'm an honest teacher, who is friendly, fun and who gets results. Singing is possibly one of the most vulnerable things you can do. Truly freeing the voice is a complicated but gratifying journey. Check out the testimonials page to see what some of my students have to say. For example:
"Davina is all I could wish for in a teacher..." Stephen Thompson, Teacher and Music Lover

Voice lessons are YOUR time. They are not meant to be spent trying to do every single exercise perfectly or trying to impress your teacher. So... forget the rules, try new things. Experiment. Play.

Music is an extension of the soul if you believe in such things, but what I know is that learning to sing with freedom, power, ease and fluidity is also based a lot in science. I try to translate the mysterious instrument that is the voice, but it isn't magic, it's knowledge!

Singing is a great stress reliever, so if you're feeling stressed by everyday life and feel like you don't have time to spend on yourself, it can be the perfect remedy providing an outlet for your stress and helping you learn a new skill whilst someone is focusing on you alone and your particular voice requirements.

Each of your lessons will be tailored to the personal needs of your voice and with whatever voice you present to me on that particular day. So, if you’re not feeling your best, don’t worry, I will find the right exercises to bring out your best potential. Whilst being a true master at anything takes many years, I am confident that you will feel a difference after the first lesson and as your body becomes used to the technique, you will feel changes along the way. Ongoing development with your voice takes hard work, but you will reap the benefits and start to notice that those songs you never thought you could sing become a serious consideration as part of your repertoire!

Lesson are divided into two parts; the first consisting of piano based exercises and warm ups chosen for your specific vocal problems and the second part will be application to a song. I really do tailor your lessons to your needs and goals so let me know what you want to achieve and let's get working!

"She's a great teacher who inspires confidence and even manages to make you smile through the difficult bits!" Phil Byrne, Lead Singer

Lessons in Tottenham Court Road & Whetstone, London
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